HW Fisher's partnership with Dataquest

Over the last 15 years, Dataquest has built a strong relationship with HW Fisher, based on trust and confidence, not one constrained by contract terms. It is the demonstration of this willingness to solve a client’s business problem which underpins a long-term, loyal customer relationship. By understanding the business issues and not just the IT systems, Dataquest has built a strong foundation which has proved beneficial to both companies.

Ultimately, the confidence and trust that service ‘beyond the call’ delivers has enabled FW Fisher to concentrate on its business and allowed its IT Director to innovate and plan more strategically for the future. With solid, reliable foundations in place, HW Fisher has the head space to think about how to use IT to mainstay its position as a forward-thinking business.

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Finding the right IT partner

In recent years, more demands were put upon its accountancy IT systems and infrastructure and business continuity was more critical than ever before. It was clear that outsourcing the maintenance of its printers, switches
and network server hardware was the most effective and economic option. The most pressing issue was to find the right IT partner.

“Finding the right IT provider was proving to be a challenge. We needed a partner that was dedicated to building a business relationship with us, keeping us operational in times of networking and hardware failure. The design and consultancy element was of paramount importance as we continue to invest to cope with growing demands of the company.”

Tony Blonk, HW Fisher.

Qualities of a winning IT services partner

What Tony Blonk wanted to avoid was partnering with a more traditional IT services company where he could be inhibited by rigid and specific measures drawn up in the SLA.

What made Dataquest’s proposition so attractive was a combination of key elements: flexibility in terms of its service provision to guarantee business continuity; an open and honest approach; ability to act as a consultancy with the best interests of the client at heart; the provision of necessary skills when issues arise and the ability to look outside the organisation when the solution was not available in house. Dataquest demonstrated a highly flexible approach to the initial remit, servicing 70 printers, 20 servers and 15 switches and quickly improved the perception of IT within the company.

“What I wanted to do was to change the perception of IT within the company. It had been seen by employees as a barrier for the adoption of new services. With Dataquest on board, we were able to work on the technical framework and build new applications, only adopting new technology when there was a real need to be ‘leading edge’ but not ‘bleeding edge’. I could trust Dataquest’s advice to be objective”.

As a result of the improvements, HW Fisher expanded Dataquest’s remit to cover all three sites. Dataquest has acted as a consultancy in terms
of the best hardware to use to service the company’s growing operation. Thanks to Dataquest’s advice, the accountancy firm is now able to operate with increased efficiency, running with a reduced number of 50 printers.

It is HW Fisher’s intention to reduce its number of printers by 20 – 25% in the coming years and apply the rules of managed print services. Coupled with this, it also intends to reduce printer usage by 20 – 25% and toner usage

by 20%; the organisation has already made a substantial reduction in terms of print volume, from five million to four million pieces of paper, meeting the company’s sustainability aims.

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