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Over the last 5 years, Dataquest has built a strong relationship with Special People, based on trust and confidence, not one constrained by contract terms. The demonstration of this willingness to solve a client’s business problem underpins a long-term, loyal customer relationship.

Special People LTD


Managed Print Services
Franking Machine
Disaster Recovery
IT Consultancy


Special People were looking for a more fit-for-purpose setup and one which was cost-effective for the business going forward, as well as updating to the latest technology.


Dataquest upgraded the existing hardware and provided something up-to-date and modern. We focused on all of Special Peoples’ pain points and were able to give a much better solution.

Special People have worked with Dataquest on both the print and mailing aspects, both of which have been functioning perfectly since the relationship first started.


Dataquest provided a couple of brand-new photocopiers and a new franking machine, which have helped improve the business workflow.

“Carers, providers, social services, and all our services deserve the credit these days. To be able to provide the highest level of services it requires exceptional partners, such as Dataquest. Our mission is to create a safe, healthy, and positive care environment for our service users and their families, our partnership with Dataquest has proven to be our key success, in making the IT systems, printers, and franking machines operate excellently.” Constantine Bentai, Special People.

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