Ability to Undertake QA in Line with Regulatory Requirements

Strategic required a new telephony platform to increase visibility and effectively manage performance and quality assurance across its insurance business lines.

Strategic Insurance LTD


CallSwitch & CallCabinet


Strategic wanted to avoid partnering with a more traditional IT services company where they would be inhibited with the ability to directly access call recordings.

In recent years, more demands associated with the insurance regulatory landscape and with Strategic being a B2C insurance provider, the ability to set up a QA-based monitoring system is paramount to ensuring consumer duty outcomes are met. It was important that Strategic partnered with an IT service company that had a telecoms system whereby calls could be closely reviewed.


Dataquest’s proposition was attractive based on two factors, their telecoms solution is both comprehensive and cost- effective.

Dataquest demonstrated that their CallSwitch platform could easily service their small insurance intermediary requirements, further supported by CallCabinet, which has full quality assurance dashboard enabling review of all inbound and outbound calls to a pre-prescribed call monitoring script. Thanks to Dataquest, Strategic is now able to operate with increased efficiency and have the ability to performance manage customer service agents.


Full ability to manage employee performance in line with insurance regulatory requirements.

“Sourcing the right platform to manage telecoms had historically been difficult. However, Dataquest was able to fulfil our needs to manage the increased demands placed on our business. It was equally important to work with a provider who understood our business model and who could work closely with our team to implement the changes”. Tara Mead, Strategic Insurance Services Limited

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