Dataquest has re-branded

October 5, 2016

Why have Dataquest re-branded?

Ever since our inception in 2003, Dataquest UK Ltd have enjoyed unprecedented year on year growth. Led by customer requirements, new innovative technology and a need to deliver value to our customers, we are now providing numerous complimentary products, solutions and services to our customers. In addition, recent acquisitions have also reinforced the support structure throughout the group.

The new company branding accentuates our four main business channels, whilst maintaining a common brand identity and focus. This enables our customers to better identify how we can help their organisations and the business benefits we deliver. In addition our new strap-line and logo better emphasizes our ability to deliver innovation and business process improvements, in addition to robust service.

Maintaining a business infrastructure that enables users to efficiently communicate, collaborate and deliver information in relevent formats, is a huge business challenge. It can also be a major differentiator against your competition. We have a scalable approach in partnering you through your business challenges, providing the support, products and advice to meet you future strategy.