On the third day of Cloudmas Dataquest Group offered me…

December 7, 2020

Three Cloud models

On day three we’re leaving behind the business that delivers these high-quality services and looking more closely at what it actually is that we’re providing. If you already get Cloud, then in simple terms, as you might expect we offer Private, Public and Hybrid Cloud models to ensure your Cloud does everything you need.

If you don’t already subscribe to Cloud services, firstly that would be a bit odd, given the prevalence of services provided via the internet, like Office 365 or Sage and secondly it will take a bit longer to explain everything you need to know about Cloud, in the space we’ve allowed ourselves in these blog posts.

The purpose of the campaign is to demonstrate the advantages of working with an experienced Cloud service provider like DataQuest Group, that understands new technology, but still values old-fashioned customer service, rather than to ‘sell’ Cloud.

But we can combine various services, from more than one vendor to ensure we deliver a total Cloud solution, whether it’s just Private or combines Public and your on-premises resources to arrive at a full Hybrid solution that gets the job done now and into the future, scaling as you grow.

The questions and answers that follow are primarily aimed at those of you already comfortable with the concept of Cloud and seeking a better, more effective solution from a team that will value your business. These are a few of the questions we regularly answer:

Can Dataquest combine on-premises with Private Cloud?

Of course, is the short answer. If you still have on-premises resources that you still need to extract value from or it’s just more comfortable with legacy applications running in your own closely controlled environment, that’s fine by us. We are here to make life simple by delivering what you need, not what is easy for us to specify. If multiple Clouds get the job done or a single Cloud is all you need, we can do all the heavy lifting and you can concentrate on growth, not gigabytes.

Why is Private Cloud becoming more popular?

Some of the popularity can be explained by an improved understanding of what Cloud means and when organisations talk of moving to the Cloud, this also includes Private, Multiple and Hybrid solutions, not just Public Cloud from hyper-scale vendors. Private Cloud is ideally suited to predictable workloads, with the associate predictable cost. It really isn’t economical to run solely on Public Cloud and there’s little need, given Private delivers agility and simplicity, with the control you had with your on-premises solution. Our Private Cloud is simple and secure.

Does Public Cloud have all the answers?

Dataquest delivers a range of Private Cloud services, but we recognise Public Cloud still has a lot to offer for those businesses with the right workloads that can get the best out of it and do not mind being just a number on the account list of a hyper-scale Cloud vendor – you will be a big fish in our pond and benefit from a more personalised service as you would expect. For most however, Public Cloud rarely offers a complete solution and there are issues that might catch the unwary, like the lack of control and despite the supposed cost transparency, moving data in and out is costly. It’s also unpredictable, which means you will not have certainty of Cloud cost, unless you go Private, but Public is always available if you find some applications will perform better with the almost unlimited resources.

Which works best, Private, Public or Hybrid cloud?

All models have benefits, but as highlighted above Private suits those organisations with predictable workloads, which include email, data, business intelligence, etc., occurring throughout the working day, that can be budgeted for. The Public Cloud is better suited to dealing with your overflow – the unpredictable workloads that come at unpredictable times and require a quick expansion of service to support them. Private Clouds can be more closely tailored to the unique needs of an organisation, whilst offering greater security and resilience. Adopting the right Private platform will make the move to hybrid easy, once you understand what Public Cloud services you need in addition. And thanks to our orchestration platform, whatever services get included in your Hybrid Cloud you have a single point for management, billing etc.

Is it difficult to set up a Private Cloud?

Private Cloud is one of the easiest models to adopt and we have spent a lot of time developing our solution to ensure migrating your data and applications is easy too. Once we meet and agree your objectives, DataQuest can have you up and running within hours, ready to scale your Private Cloud to suit, without any disruption to your ongoing activities. We have the expertise and the Cloud heritage to walk your through the simple deployment and optimisation stages, to ensure you get the perfect Private Cloud, first time.

What is the cost of a Private Cloud?

An important question, but perhaps the most difficult to answer, without involving lengths of string. The simplest answer is to find out for yourself, by getting in touch and speaking to one of our Cloud wise men, which will understand what you hope to achieve and talk you through the options, benefits and costs. It won’t cost you anything to find out and could save you a lot of money in the long run, as well as ensuring your Cloud is the perfect fit for your organisation, now and into the future.

Can we get a Cloud conversation started?

Of course, if you’ve read this far and we have intrigued you with talk of understanding your business objectives, providing a better customer service and building tailored Cloud solutions, please get in touch and our resident Cloud wiseman Chris Baker will help you discover the DataQuest difference. You can contact Chris on 0333 800 8800 or email [email protected].