Network modernisation with 5G wireless technology

High-performance SD-WAN and new 5G wireless technology are converging to create a giant leap forward in the networking landscape for organisations. But while 5G promises a world of new opportunities, it also demands organisations make major changes to their business models and the way their IT infrastructures are implemented and configured.

Imagination is the only limitation with 5G technology

Standard wired connectivity and performance not only comes at a cost, but can take months to deploy, which can be a major headache for locations requiring temporary networks with high availability. New 5G technology will be perfect for geographically dispersed branches to connect to head office, or vehicles on the move that need to be fully connected for efficiency, safety and responsiveness.

Dataquest is ready to help you deliver real-time, secure, low-latency connectivity, to leverage 5G and transform your business and create new ways to work and generate revenue. Don’t wait for this to become a mature technology and risk your competitors getting more from their technology to gain a competitive advantage.

How We Help

Much is made of the speed of data transmission with 5G and the benefits it will bring to every organisation. But like all technology, it will need to be implemented as part of an overall digital transformation strategy, tailored to the exact needs of your organisation. This approach will ensure your first step is in the right direction, with an interconnected 5G and SD-WAN architecture offering:

  • High-speed bandwidth capacity
  • High availability with lower costs
  • Improved resilience and reliability
  • Rapid deployment for permanent and temporary locations

Experience defined

Dataquest has for years supported clients that need temporary network access from constructions sites, festivals and pop-up retail outlets, making the transition from 4G to 5G and easy path we already understand.

Wraparound service

We provide a range of services, from managed print and managed IT to Cloud and mailroom services, ensuring a single source to improve the performance of your business.

Vendor neutral

Our commitment is to our clients’ needs and tailoring every solution, rather than delivering those that satisfy any partnership agreement.

Priority Care

Our client-centric approach helps us understand and triage responses quickly. Our teams can monitor your system to ensure issues are diagnosed before they become problems, allowing us to intervene and ensure your performance is not compromised.


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