A customised hybrid solution

Hybrid cloud refers to mixed computing, storage, and services environment made up of on-premises infrastructure, private cloud services, and public cloud such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure.

Providing the tools you need

IaaS empowers IT professionals by providing the tools they need, without long procurement, configuration, and maintenance times. The scalable nature of IaaS also removes the long-term commitment of owning physical servers. This agility provides a very strong business case for change.

Cloud options

There are different ways to deploy resources within The Cloud. The Dataquest Group provide expertise and services for public, private, and hybrid cloud environments.

The deployment you chose simply depends on your business needs. Although all three models provide similar benefits such as scalability, performance, and reliability, there are subtle differences. Whether you are just starting your Cloud Journey or are looking to further expand, The Dataquest Group will help you meet your goals.


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