What are the main benefits of Managed Print Services?

July 1, 2021

At the heart of the Dataquest offering are our Managed Print Services (MPS) solutions, which have helped us grow our business as a growing number of clients trust us to handle their increasingly complicated printer needs. Because an overlooked printer can be a pain. A real pain.

Over the decades we have been supporting our client’s printing needs, we have recognised the secret to successful print management is to track everything, automate where possible and eliminate waste. This realisation has shaped MPS solutions that deliver all of this and more.

If you are managing a printer fleet yourself, your time is consumed assessing and purchasing the right printing equipment, monitoring its ongoing use, scheduling necessary maintenance and trying to ensure supplies arrive before they’re needed.

And now you have remote workers to throw into the mix, along with a need for greater efficiency, the pressure to do more with less and a demand from above for greater productivity. If that sounds familiar, it might be time to let someone else worry about managing your printers.

Dataquest Group has been providing Managed Print Services for longer than anyone here cares to remember, but we’ve collectively discovered, faced and resolved every possible printer issue to ensure our clients get the most from the benefits on offer, which include:

Consolidated devices and vendors

Our MPS solutions allow you to do more with less. Once you make the switch and allow us to manage your printer fleet, we audit what you have, assess your current printing needs to find what’s missing, then suggest what you need to close the gaps. Only when you have the right printers, in the right places, will you optimise efficiency, consolidate everything and improve user outcomes.

Cost control and transparency

This is probably why you came. The need to cut costs is a key driver for making the switch to a Dataquest MPS solution. You will print less, waste less, consolidate vendors and devices, streamline print management processes and remove the specialised maintenance printers need from your IT team’s task list, which will make them happy. All of which combines with our transparent pricing to help you monitor, control and reduce the costs associated with printing.

Printer management and security

Maintaining a safe and secure network is critical to the future of your business, given the growing cyber-crime threat and an MPS solution can help improve your infrastructure security. A single MPS provider ensures fewer outsiders with access to your networked devices and our print management audit will identify any print and IP security risks. We can mitigate these with a tailored print security plan, backed by ongoing audits, improvements and the addition of new software and hardware.

Save time and money

Thanks to an MPS solution tailored to your exact needs, you free up time for what’s really important in your role, not on managing and ordering toner for your entire fleet. Our MPS software monitors toner level across your estate when toner is low, replacements are sent in plenty of time to ensure less downtime for the machine. Automated meter readings are also available thanks to our software tracking usage which reports without you pushing buttons.

National service and support

Unlike a lot of our competitors, we continue to invest in a field engineering team, ready to drive to where your printers are, office or home, to fix problems impacting productivity. And with a Dataquest MPS solution you have a single point of contact for any issues, with national coverage ensuring our printer specialists will resolve or replace, quickly and efficiently, to help you control spending, security and waste across your entire printer fleet.

Time to optimise your print resources?

We’ve explained the major benefits of a managed print services solution, which will be a surprise if you do not currently have a similar solution. If you want to understand what a solution would look like and what it would cost for your organisation, please get in touch and get the conversation started.

Of course, if your organisation currently has an MPS solution and you’d like to check the costs and weigh the service against ours, we’d welcome the opportunity to pitch the Dataquest difference, please get in touch and get ready for some surprises.