Backup as a Service will save the day

You know your data needs to be constantly backed up and you need an easier way to do it, but it generally takes a catastrophic data loss to drive behaviour change. Don’t be that business and make the change today before your critical data is lost, corrupted or held to ransom.

Peace of mind as a service

Our BaaS solution leverages the agility and resilience of the Cloud to store files, folders or even the entire contents of hard drives, backed up regularly over an internet connection. Once we have tailored a solution to your unique needs, you can concentrate on more valuable activities, safe in the knowledge BaaS is providing a safety net to mitigate the loss of data.

A corrupted, deleted or lost file will undoubtedly need to be retrieved in a hurry and again, this is the strength of BaaS. The single file or document can be retrieved from the backup on its own, quickly and easily, without having to trigger a full recovery. Importantly, you maintain complete and immediate access to your data, with full control over how that data is used.

How We Help

The question is how much data are you prepared to risk losing to a breach, theft or system failure, an hour’s worth, an afternoon, a day? This decision could affect the cost of the BaaS service tailored for you and how quickly you’re back in business.

Consultative approach

We work hard to understand your need and the workloads of your business to ensure we deliver a customised hybrid solution that utilises the most appropriate IaaS platforms.

Wraparound service

We provide a range of services, from managed print and managed IT to Cloud and mailroom services, ensuring a single source to improve the performance of your business.

Vendor neutral

Our IT infrastructure design teams take a multi-vendor approach, using enterprise grade hardware to deliver high availability, resilience and secure environments.

Tailored Approach

Our approachable teams use industry best-practice to ensure every resolution is fit for purpose and suits your business needs. Shaped by more than 30 years’ professional experience, we provide support that works the way you need it to.


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