Keeping track delivers peace of mind

The challenge of new approaches to work with more flexible and mobile working combined with an increase in parcel volumes, only adds to pressure on in-house post rooms, already struggling with manual receiving and processing of incoming mail. This is time-consuming and inefficient, with paper-based records a source of errors.

Track and trace everything you receive

It can be hard to notify people of their delivery, let alone get the item to them, whilst successfully recording proof of delivery, yet it’s a growing issue you will need to resolve, without any one item being handled multiple times. Dataquest has the system to deliver.

If your organisation receives more than ten items per day, we have a turnkey system ready to automate all your inbound delivery requirements, able to track parcels and important mail in real-time from receipt, during transit and delivery to the final recipient, with a complete chain of custody.

How We Help

Having scanned the barcodes on inbound parcels and mail, the details are recorded and the recipient, selected from the internal address book, is sent an email notifying them of the parcel’s arrival. This end-to-end process removes the stress of tracking parcels and important mail, whilst:

  • Speeding up internal deliveries
  • Reducing lost parcels
  • Reducing risk of sensitive items delivered to the wrong recipient
  • Improving audit trail visibility.

Revenue growth

Our experienced team will undertake a comprehensive review of your current processes, and work to implement a scalable solution that keeps your business moving by ensuring that things get delivered safely.

Customer engagement

We work with you to effectively implement your solution and help you ensure you get parcels and important mail to your internal customers on time, every time.

Risk mitigation

Reduce loss and theft by ensuring the right person receives their inbound parcels and important documents, with photos from the handheld device saved with all tracking details.

Expense control

By incorporating our web tracking system into your internal delivery process, we guarantee you will improve delivery reliability, increase process efficiency, boost productivity and decrease your costs. What more could you need?


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