Automate your mailroom and increase efficiency

The mail arriving into your organisation every day, typically takes time and resources to handle using a traditional paper document management process, with the associated issue of archive and retrieval, also impacting the productivity of the recipient. A Dataquest mailroom solution will ensure information management is efficient, transparent and auditable.

The solution is close at hand

The right solution for your organisation will convert all your key mail items into a digital format, classified by type, with all the relevant content automatically extracted. Once scanned and stored, items will be prioritised and routed to the intended recipient according to your rules, so they only get the information relevant to them and their role.

The bulk of the mail is handled quickly and automatically, to reduce the risk of delivery errors, with non-standard items identified quickly for the post room team to handle personally. Central deliveries can be accessed from anywhere, making business critical correspondence immediately available to remote workers, whilst ensuring you comply with relevant data protection laws.

How We Help

Our experienced mailroom team will analyse your needs and future expectations, to ensure we specify the most appropriate digital mailroom solution and tailor it to your unique requirements, whilst optimising the processes, to give you:

  • Increased business process performance
  • Enhanced customer service
  • Reduced manual processing costs
  • Automatic data capture
  • Secure central document control

Improve performance

Decades of experience will ensure we assess your current processes and advise on the best solution, tailored to your exact needs, with room to grow. Digital storage of inbound mail reduces the cost of physical storage space to, for a win-win.

Customer engagement

Our solution will improve efficiency and levels of customer service by reducing response time to orders, queries and complaints thanks to digital distribution and storage.

Risk mitigation

An automated inbound mail solution reduces the risk of important and confidential mail being lost or misdirected and helps you comply with relevant data protection laws.

Audit trail

Ability to capture, route and process important information by merging multiple channels into a single traceable information handling process.


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