The challenge of increasing Cyber Security

The workplace has changed and so has the number of security threats. An agile workforce requires a careful balance between remote and office working, which requires more regular security assessments and more detailed monitoring.

This effective response will require a business to take the right steps at the outset to ensure new security threats are not accidentally ushered into the workplace with the return of people after a long time working remotely without a secure extended network. And doing it again each week.

Anticipating threats and deploying appropriate technology, that not only addresses the issues of cyber-crime, but secure transfer of data to and from the Cloud, whilst including backup and disaster recovery solutions, will increase security and reduce the risk of damage or disruption, from both malicious and accidental actions.

The best integrated solutions require advice from a vendor-neutral provider that can help design security to protect the new agile workforce, in the office and when working from home. We’re Dataquest and we’re listening.

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