The 2023 Gamma Ball Rally

October 27, 2023

Charity events have a unique way of bringing people together for a common cause, promoting camaraderie and goodwill. In September, Sebastian, John, Alice and Toby had the privilege of participating in a charity road trip that took us through the beautiful cities of Calais, Amsterdam, Zwolle, Hamburg, and Copenhagen.

The 2023 Gamma Ball Rally is the tenth anniversary of the event, running from Chateau de Cocove in Calais and travelling across five different countries over three days. Our partner Gamma hosted the event to support their charity’s Action Through Enterprise and SpecialEffect.

We were one of 26 other teams with each team decorating their vehicle with its chosen theme. You will see that we went with ‘Ali G & the 3 Stigs’ and everyone made a huge effort with their cars and team outfits.

The journey, spanning over three days, was planned meticulously from route planning, team challenges and accommodations. One of the most remarkable aspects of this journey was the connectivity we fostered while on the road. We made use of various technologies and communication tools to stay connected and informed whilst maintaining an agile workforce.

The challenges we faced as a team included participating in the Gamma Games in Knokke which included an obstacle course, channelling our inner Verstappen on the Red Bull Ring with virtual F1 and testing our hand-eye coordination at Europe’s largest Beer Pong bar in Hamburg.

Driving through Calais, Amsterdam, Zwolle, Hamburg, and Copenhagen was an extraordinary experience. These cities, known for their rich history, culture, and architecture, offered us unique opportunities to explore and appreciate the diversity of Europe. From the canals of Amsterdam, where we also managed to work from our European HQ to the historic port city of Hamburg, each stop had something new to offer.

Participating in the Gamma Ball Rally was a fantastic experience that showcased the power of teamwork and connectivity, both digitally and in person. The journey was a testament to the idea that when individuals come together with a common purpose, they can overcome challenges and foster connections.