Because disasters come in different forms

Our cloud-based disaster recovery service ensures an organisation’s business continuity by replicating your systems and data to private or public cloud infrastructure and managing the failover and failback process when a disaster happens.

Minimise downtime and data loss

Cloud-based DR can help your organisation minimise downtime and data loss to ensure business continuity, lower disaster recovery costs, and enable you to stay in compliance with regulatory requirements.

Enable compliance

If your organisation is legally required to comply with industry or government regulatory requirements – such as HIPAA, GDPR, PCI, SOC 2 – managed DR can help you stay compliant without the need to hire in-house compliance experts.


Charged only for the services used, the business can pick and choose what it requires, leading to immense cost reduction. Also, you do not need to duplicate expensive hardware.

Improved RTO & RPO’s

Systems, services and applications can be restored in short times and get significantly lower RTO and RPO.

Limit financial loss

By reducing restore times of business information systems, you can limit the losses not only in terms of revenues but reputation as well.


You can customise and monitor your own Disaster Recovery. With the personalisation of DR solutions, you can choose the replication frequency and establish the best recovery times for your business.

Improved Governance

You can test and rehearse a potential disaster in a “sandbox” area to improve your systems and processes without any impact on your live environment.


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