Because disasters come in different forms

A hardware or infrastructure failure, a natural disaster, a ransomware or denial of service attack, could all lead to a loss of data and critical applications, with costly downtime denying you and your customers access to your systems and data. Long term reputational damage is guaranteed and might just prove terminal to your organisation.

Subscription model improves cashflow

Disaster Recovery as a Service is your safety net, to ensure disrupted systems are out of action for the minimum possible time. Now there’s no need for you to take on the work and initial capital outlay of creating and maintaining your own off-site environment. We will create a cloud-based disaster recovery environment that will immediately come on stream when you trigger a recovery.

Our DRaaS solution leverages our ability to mix Private and Public clouds to deliver a hybrid solution tailored to your exact needs, which can be scaled up or down as circumstances dictate. Using , advanced software that offers both backup and replication, we ensure if disaster strikes critical data will quickly be available, along with the platforms and systems that utilise that data.

How We Help

We offer it on a ‘pay for what you use’ basis rather than involving up-front capital outlay, with the solution tailored to offer as much or as little protection as you want, to give you:

  • Immediate recovery with system failover to secondary infrastructure
  • Increased flexibility to recover from all types of disasters
  • Improved security tailored to meet your security and compliance needs
  • Lower cost recovery without capital costs of additional and redundant hardware
  • Flexible pay as you grow models and a variety of options

Specialised support

A practical solution for organisations of all sizes, especially those with small IT teams and capital, to cope instantly with unpredictable disasters or emergency events.

Tailored service

Our service is tailored to your unique needs with built-in monitoring tools making it easier to manage and we’re on hand 24/7/365 when needed.

Continuous protection

We help you safeguard new data by capturing and backing up important changes in real-time.

Consultative approach

We work hard to understand your need and the workloads of your business to ensure we deliver a customised hybrid solution that utilises the most appropriate IaaS platforms.


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