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IaaS is the provision of a cloud-based IT infrastructure which can include servers, storage and networks, usually hosted in a highly secure and resilient datacentres, enabling businesses to easily create virtual servers within minutes to run critical business applications.

Quick to reflect changes in demand

IaaS empowers IT professionals by providing the tools they need, without long procurement, configuration, and maintenance times. The scalable nature of IaaS also removes the long-term commitment of owning physical servers. This agility provides a very strong business case for change.


Our cloud IaaS platform is highly resilient with N+1 redundancy throughout, eliminating single points of failure and is hosted in some of the most prestigious data centres in the UK which replicate data between themselves so in the event of a failure customers can be brought back online within strict and agreed SLAs at another data centre.

Easy development and scalability

The quick commissioning and decommissioning of resources is ideal for clients that either have seasonal peaks in demand or require immediate access to infrastructure to speed up development projects.

Business Focus

Cloud services such as IaaS enable companies to spend less time worrying about their IT and more time concentrating on developing their business, making them more innovative, agile, and efficient.

Greater Security

Clients’ data is often their most prized asset. We enable businesses to have enterprise-grade security to protect this data, including such things as enterprise-grade firewalls with IDS/IPS enabled, data encryption both in transit and rest, anti-ransomware/malware protection, URL filtering, end-user device management with such things as MFA/SOO protection in place.


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