Unified comms solution with integrated mobiles

Given your organisation is more mobile than ever, it is critical you consider more than just tariffs and features, with the threats to the security and confidentiality of data becoming more advanced. Connected to your network, it’s important to include mobile device management to protect your devices, data and end users.

Service based business mobile solutions

Mobiles keep your people connected to each other and your customers. But to appreciate the full benefit you need a managed package that delivers the flexible, tailored solutions that consolidate your expenditure whilst driving performance improvements with technology, designed to accommodate busy work schedules and suits your demands and budgets.

Dataquest offer the experience to manage your mobile device estate and if appropriate, integrate your mobiles with your hosted telephony system, to deliver a true unified communications solution that allows users to seamlessly transfer calls between your phone system and mobiles. Remember, it all comes with a single bill and single source for help with all aspects of managing your mobiles, technical or otherwise.

How We Help

Dataquest mobile solutions focus on more than just tariffs. We help you connect and manage your people, processes and endpoints with a consistent set of security and privacy policies that combine to deliver:

  • Control of your entire mobile estate
  • Access to smartphones, tablets and laptops
  • Enhanced privacy and security
  • Mobile threat detection and management
  • Work/Personal mobile in one phone with containerisation
  • Account managers optimise mobile plans

Secure solutions

Our mobile device management technology will protect your data and devices, with containerisation of mobiles possible for improved user experience.

Consultative approach

As with all our services, mobiles for your business starts with a discussion about what you have, what you need and what you expect, before we design a bespoke solution.

Vendor neutral

As one of the UK’s largest independent technology businesses we are committed to our vendor-neutral approach to ensures you receive the most suitable outcome.

Service simplicity

Dataquest bill management allows you to understand how your employees use their phones, whilst removing the headache of managing their expense claims.


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