Want to see Hybrid Mail in action?

September 21, 2021

Despite the lifting of pandemic-inspired restrictions, the return to the office for many organisations has proved something of a struggle, with some employee anxiety over close contact with colleagues at work, not knowing if everyone is vaccinated or not.

Then there is the issue of working from home, which looks set to become a permanent feature for many knowledge-based organisations, recognising the need to offer flexibility around working hours and location, or risk losing valuable team members used to new routines.

It is into this new working environment that Hybrid Mail has come into its own and drawn a lot of interest for organisations seeking new solutions to new issues, like working from home.

It’s not a new technology, but the benefits are now more obvious, for this secure, cost-effective digital mail service, that enables users to send physical mail, like letters, marketing collateral and invoices, without leaving their desk; at home or in the office.

The whole process sounds simple and in practice it is. Your people create the content and our partner Quadient, undertakes the necessary printing using high quality commercial digital printers and then takes care of the posting too; not just letters but much besides.

Just how simple is Hybrid Mail in practice?

It’s all well and good the team here at Dataquest, telling you it’s easy. And that anyone can create professional, on-brand printed and posted collateral without leaving their desk, at home or in the office. But you want to know, just how simple is Hybrid Mail in practice?

To answer this question and many more besides, the Mailroom team here at Dataquest organised a Hybrid Mail webinar, with our partner Quadient – international specialists in mailing equipment, business process automation and customer experience management.

The first was held in August and played to an audience of registered attendees, keen to understand the benefits available with this innovative service. Introduced by Chelsey Pass, head of the team and ably supported by colleagues Amrit and Laurel, the webinar covered a lot in 45 mins:

  • Introduction to Hybrid Mail
  • Demonstration of the Click to Print – Click to Post service
  • Security within the Cloud
  • Getting up and running with the service
  • Chat stream, with live Q & A

It’s important to note, if you’re thinking of joining us for the next webinar, that this is a practical run-through of the service, not a sales pitch. You’ll see documents created, printed and posted, all with a detailed explanation of the service, to help you truly understand its power.

Click here to register your place.

What are the key benefits of a Hybrid Mail solution?

If you can’t wait until the next webinar to implement a solution to the problem of remote workers being able to print and post with ease, without leaving their desk, then here’s a quick reminder of the benefits delivered by a Hybrid Mail solution from Dataquest.

#1 Ease of use – No installation needed. Your users log-in to a portal and upload documents directly from their computer, whether they are in the office, at home or even on the move.

#2 Cost effective – No set up charges. Hybrid Mail could potentially save up to 40% compared to office printing and mailing costs, encouraging you to get in touch with customers more often.

#3 Retain control – Hybrid Mail allows you to give users access to only the documents and templates relevant to their role, to ensure complete control over what is sent and by whom.

#4 Increased agility – Hybrid Mail is a scalable, subscription-based consumption model service that reduces the costs of loading franking machines and purchasing stamps.

#5 Increased accuracy – Your document library stores, templates, etc., and you can impose user and department spending limits, apply custom signatures and archive printed and posted documents.

#6 Improved security – State-of-the-art production facilities ensure the highest level of security, with data transferred by secure protocol (SSH) identical to those used for banking transactions.

If you have returned to the office and it’s time to look at new Mailroom equipment, beyond Hybrid Mail, our team is ready to listen. But if you want an agile, cost-effective, responsive answer to the mailing problems of a dispersed remote workforce and want to know more about a Hybrid Mail solution from Dataquest, please get in touch on 0207 392 8886 or email [email protected]