On the twelfth day of CloudMas Dataquest Group offered me…

December 18, 2020

Twelve reasons to discuss Hybrid Cloud solutions

The final day of our CloudMas campaign to convince you that when considering your Cloud options, Dataquest Group is top of your list of providers and now we offer you a laugh or two, to go with the serious reasons to give us a call.

Our Cloud is managed by a team of Cloud experts who will take the pressure off you and your IT team if you have one. And we are committed to making life easier for you, whether you want Private Cloud or Public Cloud, all integrated with on-premises resources, to deliver the perfect Hybrid Cloud.

Twelve reasons to call and twelve cracking Cracker jokes to keep you and your guests entertained this Christmas. Unlike our Cloud services, we can’t claim all the credit for these groan-worthy gags, but hopefully they’ll take your mind off the stinker that has been 2020.

A time to consider Cloud and Crackers

What type of pizza does Good King Wenceslas like? One that’s deep pan, crisp and even!

#1 reason to call – we will help reduce your costs with better ROI and lower TCO

Who can be found hiding in the bakery at Christmas? A mince spy!

#2 reason to call – we will help you make more efficient use of your IT resources

Why was Santa’s workshop closed? Because many workers had to Elf isolate!

#3 reason to call – we deliver a predictable cost model using OPEX rather than unplanned IT CAPEX

Why did the pirates go into lockdown? Because the “Arrrrrrr” rate had risen!

#4 reason to call – we offer enhanced security within our data centres and across our infrastructure

What will be the most popular Christmas film this year? Home Alone!

#5 reason to call – our services, such as BaaS & DRaaS support your business continuity strategy

Why couldn’t Mary and Joseph join the conference call? There was no Zoom at the inn!

#6 reason to call – our tailored solutions offer the highest up-time availability and SLA’s achieveable

What do you call a snowman with a six pack? An abdominal snowman!

#7 reason to call – we can help you scale up and out rapidly to meet changing demands

Why did Santa quit smoking? Because it was bad for his elf!

#8 reason to call – we offer UK-based 24/7/365 monitoring, alerting, patching and support

What is white and minty? A polo bear!

#9 reason to call – a Hybrid Cloud gives you better security, flexibility, agility & collaboration

What do you call a snowman on holiday? A puddle!

#10 reason to call – because you need a truly impartial trusted IT advisor to work in partnership with

What does Santa use to bake his cakes? Elf-raising flour!

#11 reason to call – we’ll help your digital transformation journey and focus on business outcomes

Why did the choir cancel their carol concert? They all caught tinsel-itis!

#12 reason to call – Cloud neutral approach, ie aligning workloads with the right Cloud resourse

#13 reason to call – Simplified billing and management of Cloud resources

#14 reason to call – helping businesses achieve competitive advantage over their competition

#15 reason to call – taking away the stresses of managing IT, so you focus on core competencies

#16 reason to call – okay, so we got a bit carried away at the end and to be honest we could have listed another 20 reasons to call, but believe if you read this far, you’re after more than chocolate biscuits.

If at least a couple of these didn’t raise a smile, you might just have a heart of stone and if you don’t see enough reason to start a Cloud conversation with us, your business might sink like a stone, when your current Cloud doesn’t deliver what you need.

It’s only a few days to Christmas and we wish you and yours the very best for Christmas and the coming year. We’re back in early January and look forward to meeting with you soon, so please contact Chris Baker on 07984 574609 or email [email protected] to arrange a meeting and claim your chocolate biscuits.

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