Proactive Strategy For a High-Street Chain

September 12, 2017

The Proactive Benefit

We have been in a long-term successful partnership with this high street chain. More recently we were proactive in helping the chain gain visibility on print behaviour and output volumes to help reduce their print costs. Colour printing costs ten times more than mono, therefore it’s a very important area to streamline.

Dataquest’s Solution

We provided a new fleet of Ricoh multifunctional devices into the high street chain’s stores. The printers were tactically placed in each store where high volume devices were needed, all printers would only produce colour when it’s essential. Thanks to the communication from the partnership the devices were pre-configured making them environmentally and economically efficient, without affecting user productivity.

Our Partnership

The printing trends are monitored by us via the Managed Print Service software. This enables us to deliver key information back to the high street chain so they can implement new cost saving measures based on the information. So far the print colour volume has been reduced down to 13% of their overall print! To compare, companies with no print strategy produce around a third of colour prints. As we manage the reporting and analytics of this data there is no extra workload for the high street chain’s technical team.