A New and Disruptive Technology

November 20, 2017

How the Partnership Began

Dataquest had been referred to this award-winning agency from a long-term partner. After a consultation we had discovered they were using MPLS (Multiprotocol label switching) to transport data across their network. This technology has been serving organisations for the last 20 years but a new and new disruptive technology has recently emerged called SD-WAN (Software Defined Wide Area Network).

How the Partnership Developed

Dataquest suggested using SD-WAN as it uses a combination of cloud gateways and edge units to transfer telecommunications data, which is faster, more competitive, easier to install and provides a better end-user experience than MPLS.

How the Partnership is Maintained

As this is a new technology, Dataquest supplied a proof of concept at the agencies worst performing site. After 6 weeks of testing the technology, there was such a significant improvement in the network’s speed, quality and user experience the agency chose to install this innovative technology into all of their offices.

Dataquest has continued to deliver unrivalled service and support to the agencies supply assistance, stability and expertise. We have delivered numerous benefits including; £16K per annum saved, advanced cyber security with no end to end encryption, ability to prioritise network traffic, no need to replace or change existing hardware and improved visibility on users.