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Adept Management is a new customer of Dataquest’s as of 2023. Adept Management moved to Dataquest thanks to our coterminous, flexible, tailored business mobiles solutions alongside the support of consistent account management.

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Adept Management had many mobile contracts with different end dates causing an admin nightmare. The direct supplier they were using had no account management and no one to talk to when there was an issue, simply a call centre abroad.

As Adept Management was growing, they desired one simple, flexible business mobiles contract billed once a month instead of multiple invoices and bills. They also needed a point of contact to discuss any changes to their agreement.


What made Dataquest’s proposition so attractive was
a combination of key elements: flexibility in terms of its offering to add sims and devices to their current agreements; competitiveness in bettering any other rivalling solutions financially; and our personal approach in assuring the customer fully understands the solution and can approach us with questions at any time.

Dataquest will slowly take over Adept Management’s whole business mobile fleet, co-terming all their agreements into one, simple contract. Dataquest will review this agreement with Adept Management to assure they are in the best- tailored solution possible, at the best cost.


Adept management Business Mobiles solution will be streamlined to their exact needs. Co-terming the agreement gives valuable time back to their administration team, allowing them to focus on other areas of business.

“We chose Dataquest due to their friendly approach and tailored solutions. Since day one they showed the exact solution we desired, which our current supplier insisted wasn’t even on the market.” Adept Management.

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