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Dataquest’s relationship with Ritu Seasons of India started in the early stages of the restaurant’s planning process, consulting on the technology and support they will need to operate smoothly from their opening day onwards. Dataquest provides Seasons of India with a range of key services that support their booking system, payment system, administration and general operation of the restaurant.

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Dataquest consulted with Seasons of India regarding the opening of their restaurant in St John’s Wood and the varying IT requirements they needed to meet to ensure they could operate smoothly. Dataquest was tasked to create a cost and space-effective IT infrastructure that Seasons of India could depend on from the moment its doors opened.

With the construction of the interior progressing at a steady rate, it was vital that Dataquest acted quickly to create said infrastructure and get Seasons of India live and online as soon as possible.


What made Dataquest’s offering so attractive was our ability to create a robust IT infrastructure for Seasons of India that met their range of budgetary, space and timing requirements. Dataquest’s consultancy and planning process also allowed us to create a plan to build said infrastructure in tandem with putting their other services, such as connectivity and telecommunications, live at the same time.

Once Dataquest and Seasons of India had completed the final plan for the project, we swiftly took to work constructing their IT infrastructure. Our engineers worked smoothly and efficiently to get the server room and office live within a matter of days, making the most of the space available to us and completing the project well ahead of the restaurant’s opening day.


Seasons of India launched without a hitch a matter of weeks after the IT infrastructure project was completed and Dataquest has provided top-of-the-range support ever since. The level of detail and planning that took place in the consultation process have allowed Seasons of India to focus on the day-to-day operation of the restaurant as Dataquest proactively monitor their IT environment in the background.

“Dataquest was bought in to design and implement our IT infrastructure ahead of the launch of Seasons of India. They created a solution to fit our pricing and space requirements, working quickly and efficiently to get it installed and operational before doors opened.” Anubhav Srivastava, Ritu Seasons of India.

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