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Dataquest has been supplying Nippon Paint Automotive with a Managed Print Solution since 2018. Dataquest was able to streamline its printing processes whilst also providing financial savings. Over the years, Dataquest and NP Automotive have built up a strong working relationship, this has recently been extended for a further six years.

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Managed Print Services


The aim of the 2022 project was to provide two brand new photocopiers inside their current spend. NP Automotive was happy with the configurations of their current set-up but wanted something new to ensure their printing needs were kept as contemporary as possible over a six-year period.


Firstly, we continued to use Sharp devices, this made the transition as seamless as possible. Due to recent price increases across the industry, we were conscious of finding a solution that met their requirements. We were able to exceed their expectations and free up some of their budget for other projects alongside providing two new devices.


The new solution that Dataquest implemented will save Nippon Paint Automotive over one thousand pounds across the term. This will allow them to utilise more of the budget in other areas of the business.

“We have been working with Dataquest for several years, and the transition between agreements was very smooth. The new agreement not only provided us with new machines, but also allowed us to allocate some more of the budget to other projects in the company’.” Lisa Boyd, Nippon Paint.

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