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Brown & Brown Europe enjoy a strong working relationship with Dataquest, built on a commitment to high service levels and constant communication. Dataquest procure and stock a range of IT hardware, manually extract the Hash ID of laptops for registration in the client’s Intune environment, and dispatch orders to offices and remote workers across the UK and Northern Ireland.

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The client engaged in a conversation with Dataquest to solve a history of poor service they had experienced with previous suppliers. An emphasis was placed on the need for a responsive and communicative partner who would offer an intuitive platform to raise orders as well as provide constant visibility over all pending deliveries.


Having spent a good deal of time discussing the different specifications of kit available in the market, Dataquest helped to guide the client in selecting a range of laptops, monitors and peripherals, all to be held in Dataquest’s private warehouse facility in Heathrow.

Dataquest’s Professional Services team configured a bespoke online portal for the client to raise service requests, which in turn prompts the warehouse team to dispatch the required kit. Order details are on a live webpage and updated with an estimated delivery date, ensuring the customer has full visibility over the real-time status of orders.

Dataquest proactively monitor stock levels and ensure that kit is replenished to maintain good availability while recurring meetings are scheduled to regularly review performance levels and discuss any changes to the market with the availability of new models.


Dataquest have delivered IT equipment with accuracy and efficiency, with the most recent quarterly statistics showing 98.2% of orders met or exceeded the competitive SLA in place.


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