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Premier Care started off as a mailroom client back in 2019. We helped professionalise the way they sent their mail and saved them a significant amount of money on postage stamps. Last year we extended our relationship further with them by providing them with a new telephony system.

Premier Care




They were having multiple issues with their current provider and their phone system contract was coming up for renewal. After my account review with the customer, they were more than happy to discuss this further with us as they were happy with our mailroom service and having one point of contact for two services.


We went through each issue that was occurring with
the client and provided a solution for each one of them. Therefore, they knew from there we would do a great job in providing this service. It wasn’t about saving money for the client; it was about improving the quality of their calls and enabling them to have hybrid working with a cloud-based system.


The customer was very impressed with the implementation of the phone system. They had constant contact with our telecommunication project management team and were informed of every step.

They were happy with how smooth the transition was with importing their numbers and the flexibility of adding more features when needed. For instance, they wanted their new logo updated on their phones, which was completed with no issues. They liked that they were able to email our helpdesk and have a response within that day.

They compared the process to their previous provider and said Dataquest has done brilliantly with putting them at ease with changing a big system. Their issue with their last provider was that they weren’t getting back to them when an issue occurred, and this became an ongoing problem.

“The transition went really well and smoothly thank you, your project management team and engineers did a brilliant job.” Jade Ellis.

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