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Dataquest has harboured a close relationship with E-FinancialCareers to support their 3rd Line IT requirements and help to support and complement the day-to-day work of their internal IT team.

Dataquest manages a variety of E-FinancialCareers’ existing IT programs and services whilst also helping to implement new products and top-of-the-range technologies to further assist their IT operations. Furthermore, Dataquest also manage firewalls, switches, WAPs, and cloud VPNs in both their London & Singapore offices.



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E-FinancialCareers were partaking in a reduction of their office space, therefore they needed to find a solution to re-arrange their network and IT infrastructure entirely. Dataquest consulted with E-FinancialCareers and incoming tenants of the office space they were leaving to create a plan that allowed E-Financial to re-plan their existing infrastructure without the need to build a new server room in the office space they were shifting into.


Dataquest’s consultative approach to working with E-Financial and the current tenants of the new office allowed a plan that suited all parties and ensured E-Financial could swiftly make the move into their smaller office space and continue working as they had done before the move.

This required Dataquest to work with both parties and plan how E-Financial could continue to home their hardware in the existing comms room, but in a re-planned and compact layout to ensure their hardware could co-exist with that of the third party.


The office move took place seamlessly over one weekend wherein Dataquest were able to redesign E-Financial’s IT infrastructure and re-cable their systems so they could go live as the next week started. This ensured that the disruption to the operation of E-FinancialCareers was minimal and they settled into their new office easily, with their existing hardware re-structured to fit their changed requirements.

“We recently downsized our office space which meant we only needed to occupy half of a floor and not the whole floor. We engaged Dataquest to come up with a solution to split the network so each company would have their network kit/cabling in isolation from the other. Dataquest was professional and knowledgeable and there was minimal to no disruption to the business whilst they carried out the works.” Laura Jackson, End User Services Manager.

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