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Engage Education is an award-winning teacher recruitment agency matching teachers for the school that is right for them. They open up a world of exciting opportunities by taking the time to understand the needs and aspirations of the teacher.

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With a recruitment agency specialising in education, it is vital to have a well-managed IT Infrastructure that is reliable improving communication between employees, schools and the teachers.

Engage had been using MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) which is a technology that has been around since the late 90’s and has served organisations over the last 20 years. Recently, the emergence of cloud application has revealed many limitations in MPLS.

Engage were also not particularly happy with the supplier and system in place, they felt that they could get a lower price and a better service using another supplier of MPLS. After being referred to Dataquest through a long-time partner, a low-cost and more reliable method was suggested however, this was not MPLS instead Dataquest suggested a new disruptive technology called SD-WAN (Software Defined Wide Area Network).

SD-WAN uses a combination of cloud gateways and edge units to transfer telecommunications data, which is faster, more competitive, easier to install and provides a better end-user experience than MPLS.


As SD-WAN is a new technology, Dataquest partnered with Breeze Networks who are experts in this field. The partnership supplied a proof of concept at Engage’s worst performing site. After 6 weeks of using SD-WAN, Engage had seen such a significant improvement in their network’s speed, quality and user experience that they wanted this innovative and disruptive technology installed into all of their offices.

Breeze’s highly qualified and expert team designed and deployed the SD-WAN service to all of engages sites in under 4 weeks in a seamless transition to the new system. Throughout the process, Engage retained a single point of contact from Dataquest to keep close communications of the project and to answer any queries.


Dataquest has continued to deliver unrivalled service and support to Engage supplying assistance, stability and expertise. We have delivered numerous benefits to engage including; £16K per annum saved, advanced cyber security with end to end encryption, ability to prioritise network traffic, no need to replace or change existing hardware and improved visibility on users.

The Partnership with Engage Education is highly important to Dataquest as we strive to meet all of the objectives set by our clients. We make sure our clients are more than satisfied with the service and support provided. The relationship between both organisations is a valuable opportunity to work in close partnership to improve collaboration in the future.

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