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Over the last 15 years, Dataquest has built a strong relationship with Beard Construction; providing a managed print solution throughout its four main offices in Guildford, Oxford, Swindon and Bristol.

During this time, the construction sites wanted more flexibility with the ability to print on location without the need to return to head office locations. As a company, Beard took the approach to purchase desktop printers for each location.

This proved to be very costly and time-consuming as the small devices were not fit for purpose and caused more tickets to be raised with the Beard IT team.

Beard Construction


Managed Print Services


Dataquest was asked to investigate a flexible solution that would not be constrained by long contract terms and to deliver on-site servicing and toner replenishment within the agreement.


Dataquest has provided a flexible 30-day rolling contract to fit in with everyday moving requirements within construction.

Equipment is all preconfigured before it leaves our workshop meaning a seamless plug-and-play installation upon delivery allowing the Beard IT team to use its resources elsewhere. Toner is automatically ordered remotely meaning site staff can go about their business knowing that their print solution is being managed for them. Any breakdown is assessed on- site and with a 96% first call on-site fix.


Beard now implements the Dataquest print solution on all their sites as a default option unless there are limiting factors around the space available etc.

“The service provided by Dataquest has reduced the time spent resolving issues with printing on site. The leased devices perform to a high standard even when conditions are not always ideal especially through the cold winter months.

The process of arranging delivery, installation, and removal at the end of a project is quick and straight forward. The Dataquest team are always helpful and try to meet our requirements even at short notice”. Teresa Wilkins, Head of IT.

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