Phillips’ partnership with Dataquest

Phillips originally had a long term relationship with a print equipment supplier but wanted to test the market and benchmark the maintenance levels they had received

Following their market comparisons, Dataquest were awarded the contract to deliver a new fleet of Ricoh multifunctional devices. The implementation has delivered greater reliability, newer technology and robust aftersales care.


Art Auctioners

Managed Print Services
IT Support

Mobile Communications

Delighted with the recommended solution above, Phillips assigned Dataquest to look for improvements in other business critical areas. Their attention quickly focused on the contract provided by Vodafone.

Phillips and Dataquest looked at all aspects of the hardware, connectivity and contracts. Phillips wanted to retain some working aspects of the existing contract and get Dataquest to improve the areas causing them the greatest pain. Subsequently, we took ownership of the process for dealing with broken and damaged phones.

Removing this time-consuming burden now frees up considerable time for Phillips’s own skilled IT professionals, enabling them to deal with other priorities. The number of devices on this contract has now increased from 150 to around 175.

IT Support

Phillips continued to extend the partnership by giving Dataquest the project of reforming their IT support. They are always looking to provide a very agile service to their users, however ongoing commitments to deliver solutions and support at regular exhibitions, often left them temporarily stretched and in need of further help.

Phillips therefore, entrusted Dataquest to
‘take up the slack’ and deliver the skills and resources needed to bolster their own internal support during exhibition times. This regular intervention by Dataquest’s IT division provides us with a close working relationship and understanding of both user and business needs at Phillips. As a result, we have helped with further improvements and upgrades including the supply of Fibre Ethernet Connections via Colt in their Geneva/French offices.


For every business critical solution provided, Dataquest appointed separate in-house experts from the relevant division. Regardless of the numerous technicians, consultants and project managers, Phillips retained a single point of contact throughout the process.

Each customer request has been driven by a team of dedicated project managers. They have put in place the appropriate procedures, logistics, training and engineering resource to meet the differing project demands. By listening to and working closely in partnership with Phillips, we continue in our endeavours to add value and provide their organisation with a business edge.

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