Streamlining Printing Facilities While Acting Fast to Customer Needs

Wildstar films is a new customer of Dataquest as of 2022. Since our partnership began, Dataquest has been an approachable, active supplier, demonstrating a willingness to solve any business problems.

Wildstar Films


Managed Print Services


Wildstar films printing facilities could not keep up with their company growth. Their ageing devices became unreliable, causing issues in their office. Their devices were managed internally, resulting in their device problems wasting ample staff time and the company budget.

Furthermore, they had a large office move planned in the near future, making commitments tricky as their future needs were uncertain. They also wanted to avoid extra costs related to moving hardware from one location to another.


What made Dataquest’s proposition so attractive was a combination of key elements: flexibility in terms of its offering to move any new devices from one office to the next and availability to add devices when needed; competitiveness in bettering any other rivalling solutions financially, and our availability to act immediately to their needs without hesitation.

Dataquest installed two new devices within a week due to our availability of stock, enabling Wildstar with the print facility their office needed. We moved these devices to their new office where they found they needed an extra device immediately. To resolve this, a loan device was installed the next day allowing them to work efficiently straight away before a new device was delivered and seamlessly added to their contract.


Wildstar Films’ print facilities have been vastly improved, all while reducing the related print costs and freeing up time to concentrate on other projects. Wildstar have found full trust in Dataquest, now approaching us with all other IT issues and projects.

“We have been impressed by Dataquest’s speed of reaction to our managed print needs. Whether we need any alterations in our Managed Print solution, or advice on any other IT issues, we see Dataquest as a reliable IT supplier” Sharon Riddell, Office Manager.

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